When Worlds Collide

30 October 2022
Book: John

Bible Passage: John 19:1-16


What does it look like to you when our world collides — when things begin to collapse, when things begin to go wrong? 

You see, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world are on a collision course, In the midst of this stands One. He stands in a world that has absolutely gone crazy with hate against the Most High God. His name is Jesus. 

Jesus was accused of a crime He never committed. The jury was rigged. And there stood Pilate, compromised, watching as Jesus was beaten so brutally He was unrecognizable. Think about that. 

Jesus walked where no one else could walk so we could walk with Him. And yet He didn’t stop. He didn’t even pause. He marched on to the cross. It’s all an expression of one thing: Jesus is the friend of God — so that you and I might be friends of the Most High God too. 

We are called to make a choice. Will we be the friend of God or the friend of this world?

If you have never ever simply desired to be the friend of God, it’s a good time to do that. It’s a good time to say I want to be a friend of God. There is One who will lead you into a right relationship with Him. His name is Jesus.