When Jesus Passes By

22 May 2022
Book: John


Picture this. A blind man is sitting off to the side, all alone, hopeless, in great despair. This man never saw a sunrise. Couldn’t tell purple from pink. He dwells in a dark world.

But then Jesus sees him.

No one else saw the man. The disciples saw only a theological case study. They didn’t see a human being. They saw a topic of discussion. They saw a cause not a purpose.

When Jesus passes by, He sees what others don’t. Jesus sees the man as God sees him and what he is supposed to be. Jesus is here to say, “I can make this happen!” How? He spits on the ground and spackles mud on the blind man’s eyes. The beggar feels his way to the pool of Siloam, splashes water on his mud-streaked face and washes away the clay. Lo and behold, he can see!

Jesus turns darkness into destiny, changes a mess into a masterpiece, and transforms mud into a miracle. He does the same for you.

Jesus sees you. You are not invisible. You aren’t overlooked. Jesus spots you wherever you might be and makes the first move. Jesus sees the destiny God has planned for you. He wants to turn your darkness into destiny, to change your mess into a masterpiece and to transform your mud into a miracle.

The hand that touched the blind man’s eyes reaches out to you. Jesus still changes lives today.

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