Traps, Sins, and Second Chances

1 May 2022
Book: John

Speaker: Brandon Lohr


Second chances. We all like second chances. In fact, sometimes we need them, desperately.

Just like the petrified woman brought before Jesus by the religious leaders. Moments before, she had been yanked from a bed she shared with a man who was not her husband. Here she stands, humiliated, ashamed, condemned. The arrogant leader struts about, setting a trap, “The law says to stone her. What do you say, Jesus?”

Observe His response. Jesus stays calm. He takes His time as He stoops and writes a message in the dirt. He speaks a few words and continues writing. Imagine the sound of rocks dropping. One by one, the accusers walk away, their hearts exposed, convicted by their own sin.

Jesus is the only One qualified to pick up a stone. Yet He doesn’t condemn. Instead He offers her a second chance, “Go and sin no more.” She is set free from her past and given a new life. All because of Jesus. His grace. His forgiveness. His redemption.

The fact is we all fail. We do things we regret. There are pages we’d like to rip out of our own story. How does Jesus respond? He’s given you a message, not in the dirt, but on a cross. It has only two words: Not guilty. Accept His second chance offer. Go and sin no more.

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