Thirsty? Drink.

24 April 2022
Book: John

Speaker: Tom Beaman


People had packed the streets for the annual festival. In honor of their nomadic ancestors, they slept in tents. Nearby, in the temple area, a rustic Rabbi stood and shouted, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink.”

Who is this guy? Gallantly garbed priests and fascinated folks paused in their footsteps to listen. Who did He say He was? What’s He talking about? Certainly the crowd must have wondered about this fellow, how will we know if He’s telling the truth? Others truly want to understand Him.

He spoke with such passion and intensity. “Anyone who believes in Me may come for a drink. Here, swallow. Let Me become a part of you. Let Me give you life.” Forget a kind clearing of the throat. This Man demanded attention.

Jesus shouted because His time on earth was short. The sand in the hourglass was down to measurable grains. Soon He’d be dragging a cross through these dusty streets. And the people? The people thirsted. They needed water, not for their throats, but for their souls. So Jesus invited. And Jesus promised, “Drink from Me and you will never thirst again. Drink from Me and out of your heart will flow rivers of living water.”

It’s still true today. Are you thirsty? Come and drink. It’s all free. Listen. Believe. And you will find life.

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