The Only Voice That Matters

29 May 2022
Book: John

Speaker: Brandon Lohr

Bible Passage: John 10:1-21


In some parts of the world, we can still find shepherds guarding their flocks of sheep. Let’s face it. Sheep need help keeping out of trouble. They’d be lost without a shepherd, falling off of cliffs or getting swept away by raging waters or facing scary predators along the way. They need a shepherd.

Sound familiar? We too need help in this crazy upside-down world. Voices surround us, trying to influence, instigate, manipulate. We’ve all heard them. They whisper. They woo. They tantalize and thrill. They flatter and flirt. A cacophony of noise, so many voices, all leading to distraction, deception and confusion. There’s only one voice that matters.

The voice of the Shepherd.

Jesus Himself tells us He is our Good Shepherd. The sheep recognize His voice and follow Him. When we spend time with Jesus, we will know His voice. His voice is the one that matters. His voice can free us from the clatter that tries to invade our space so we can live a life of peace, purpose and fulfillment.

There is no pandemonium so loud that the voice of God cannot be heard…if we will listen.

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