The Only Bridge Over Troubled Water

14 August 2022
Book: John

Bible Passage: John 14:1-6

The “Driver of the Decade” from the Texas Chauffeurs Association invited seventeen friends to go with her to her award banquet. In a blink, her life went sideways. Literally. She flipped the van she was driving and every one of her passengers were hospitalized. The “Driver of the Decade” had crashed.

We’ve all been there. Life is going swell until it doesn’t. It’s as if life comes crashing down all around us. Sometimes it’s difficult to breathe.

The disciples were no exception. They were troubled. They had every reason to be filled with anxiety, angst, and agitation. Jesus recognized what they were experiencing and gave them comfort. He said, “Don’t let your heart be troubled.”

Jesus still speaks those words to us today. Here’s how to rid ourselves of a troubled heart:
• Realize we don’t have to live with a troubled heart
• Refocus our attention on God Almighty
• Remember we’re on a journey — we’re not home yet
• Recognize: There’s only one way over troubled waters. His name is Jesus.

Jesus never promised us that our troubles would go away. He tells us He will be with us in the midst of our troubles. He will be our strength, our provider, our sustenance. Believe in Jesus. He is not only preparing our path, He is the path. He is the only bridge over troubled water.