Pursuing Outcasts - Hope for the Thirsty Soul

27 February 2022
Book: John

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Bible Passage: John 4:1-26


Jesus *has* to go to Samaria. It is necessary, intentional, purposefully. It is no accident. He has an appointment there — during the heat of the day by the side of a well in a rejected land with an ostracized woman. A five-time divorcee, she’s now living with a sixth guy, bringing more scandal to her name. She is left tabooed, broken and shamed.

What does Jesus do? He pursues her. He meets her where she is at. They talk. They’re at a well so He naturally tells her about living water that would quench her thirst so she would never thirst again. No condemnation. No you’ve-made-a-mess-of-your-life lectures. Simply truth spoken with kindness and grace. From “Jew” to “Sir” to “Prophet,” we see the woman’s understanding of Jesus expanding after spending only a few moments with Him.

Here, in this forsaken place, she discovers His true identity: “I am the Messiah.” Suddenly the insignificance of her life is swallowed by the significance of the moment. The Messiah is here! He’s spending time with me! God cares…for me!

And her life is changed forever.

Jesus pursues the outcasts. He brings hope to the thirsty. He comes, not to condemn, but to bring life. Jesus came for people like her. And He still comes for people like you …and me.

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