Pointing to Jesus

16 January 2022
Book: John

Speaker: Mickey Lohr


The rugged guy stood out in his surroundings. Leathery face. Wild hair. Clothed in animal skins. A diet of grasshoppers and wild honey. He called the desert his home. Crowds came from everywhere to check him out. And he baptized them in the Jordan River.

The religious leaders in Jerusalem got upset, “This guy’s out there baptizing and we didn’t send him. He doesn’t have our authority.” And they sent the priests and Levites out to ask the guy, “Who are you anyhow?”

“Who am I?” he could have answered, “I’ll tell you who I am. I am a priest. I am a prophet. I am the miracle baby borne to Elizabeth and Zacharias. I am called of God and chosen by God. I am the one prophesied in Isaiah and Malachi. I am the forerunner of the Messiah — that’s who I am.” But he didn’t.

John the Baptist recognized he was not the answer. He was simply a humble servant, a voice in the wilderness, pointing to Jesus. That was it. He pointed to Jesus. That’s what he was born to do.

Our mission is the same! We’re called to be humble servants empowered by the Holy Spirit to point to Jesus. He has equipped us with everything we need. With His Spirit living inside us, we have no excuse. Let’s do it! Take advantage of every moment, every opportunity, and point to Jesus!

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