Outcasts Pursuing Outcasts - Offering Hope to the Thirsty Soul

6 March 2022
Book: John

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Bible Passage: John 4:27-42



Have you ever considered this word: whoever? No qualifier. No discrimination. No favoritism. The pronoun is wonderfully infinite. After all, who isn’t a whoever?

And here it is, spoken by Jesus Himself: “Whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst” (John 4:14)

Whoever makes it clear: God exports His grace to everyone — every where.

This includes the woman everyone was gossiping about. The scorned, discarded, undesirable outcast. He enters her life with a promise of endless water and quenched thirst. He isn’t put off by her past. Just the opposite. He offers to to turn her mess into a message and she accepts His offer. We know because of what happens next.

Suddenly the shame of the tattered romances disappears. She scrambles to her feet and runs into town to tell whoever she meets: “I just talked to a man who knows everything I ever did — come and see!” Many Samaritans from the village believe in Jesus because of this once-insignificant woman.

The woman on the margin became the woman with the message. No one else gave her a chance. Jesus gave her the chance of a lifetime. He came for people like her.

Whoever. It’s a powerful word. It includes all of us. ALL of us. That includes you!
— adapted from Max Lucado

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