Jesus Prays for You Part 2

9 October 2022
Book: John

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Bible Passage: John 17:20-26


On the last night of His life, Jesus prayed a prayer for His followers — for us. “I pray that they will all be one.” Noticeably, He didn’t pray for success, safety, or happiness. He prays for unity. He prays that you and I be one.

Unity matters to God. Why? Oneness draws people to Jesus so “all will believe.” How will the world believe that Jesus was sent by God? Not if we agree on everything with each other. Not if we are unanimous on each vote. Not if we are tolerant of every thought and opinion. But if we are one.

When it comes down to it, our differences become petty as we stand before the throne. As we draw close to Jesus and see Him as He really is, even now, we’ll only want what He wants. Only one purpose matters. His purpose unites us as one — in Him — to fulfill His mission. 

As Christians, we should seek to live in unity and love one another as Christ has loved us.