From Death to Overcoming

18 September 2022
Book: John

Speaker: Brandon Lohr

Bible Passage: John 16:16-33


Keep in mind, the disciples had left everything — family, friends, homes, careers — to follow Jesus. And now, they can barely breathe as He tells them He will no longer be with them. No wonder they are confused, wondering if they can believe their ears. In a split second, their peace has turned into distress and sorrow.

God has kept no secrets about this life. He has told us that we will experience trouble and tribulations. And we do! Disease afflicts. Divorce destroys. Death devastates. We shouldn’t expect any less. Troubles knock at all of our doors.

How do we survive the bitter storms of life? What He did for His disciples, He does for us: He comforts. He promises to turn our sorrow into joy, to give us peace in the midst of tribulation. He proclaims His victory. This is an amazing statement from a Man who is facing a horrendous death on the cross in just a few hours. Pilate, the crowd, the soldiers, the cross, the grave — all could not overcome Him. He goes to the cross not in fear or gloom, but as a conqueror.

Jesus rightly says, “I have overcome the world.” It was true then, still true today. The battle’s already won. He is victorious. And carries us to victory.