Called to Abide

28 August 2022
Book: John

Speaker: Brandon Lohr


Ever been to the California wine country? Step into Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino counties — and be prepared to be ambushed by vineyards. Everywhere you go, vineyards. Everywhere you turn, branches filled with luscious grapes.

All because the vinedressers tend to their grape vines constantly — irrigating, weeding, pruning, fertilizing, assuring the branches are clinging properly to their vines. All to perfect the quality and abundance of grapes at harvest time.

Jesus tells His disciples a simple allegory. God is the gardener. Jesus is the vine. And we are the branches. Lemme put it this way: The Father tends. The Son nourishes. We grow.

“Abide in Me.” That’s what Jesus calls us to do. Like the branches clinging to the vine, Jesus is our source of life, nourishment, and sustenance. The result? Fruit!

How do we bear this fruit? By trying harder? Working harder? Striving and stressing more? No! Far from it. Instead, simply abide in Jesus. Spend time with Him. Depend on Him. Hold onto Him. Marinate in Him. It’s all about abiding in Jesus. This is what we are designed to do.

When we do, watch what happens. Natural transformations will take place in our lives. Fruit will grow. We’ll be more like Jesus.