What You Need to Know Part 2

29 August 2021

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Summary of Revelation 11

John is instructed to measure the temple, the altar and its worshippers. The outer court of the temple is omitted by God’s word. Next, the two witnesses are introduced and explained including their death and revival. Finally, the seventh trumpet sounds, the twenty-four elders worship God, and the temple in heaven is opened.


  • We need to be witnesses to the gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • There is confidence in our relationship with Jesus that manifests uncontained hope and Joy. In a world of chaos we have the confidence of the sovereignty of God because He is in control.
  • Christ is the one who is and the one who was. His reign has begun.

One Couldn’t Help But Ask…

  1. Why should Revelation 11 give followers of Jesus Christ hope and joy that cannot be contained? Does it give you hope and joy that cannot be contained? Please explain.
  2. If the ark of his covenant first appeared in his directions that he gave Moses for how to build his temple, and it appears now as he opens the door to the temple in heaven, and we see it in heaven, what does the ark of his covenant emphasize?
  3. Is being a witness something we do, or something we are? When are the two witnesses killed? What is the significance when they are killed?
  4. Why do those who dwell on the Earth rejoice when the two witnesses are killed? How do we share God’s truth in a world that embraces the idea that each person should live out their own truth? (eg. “You do you and I’ll do me”)
  5. Mickey mentioned having a superpower. What is this superpower? Do I believe I have this superpower? Where does this superpower come from?
  6. What is the relationship between the two olive trees and the two lampstands?

Bonus Question: How does He reign in your life?