The Wrath of God

8 August 2021

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Summary of Revelation 8

The Lamb opens the seventh seal, there is silence in heaven, seven angels stand before God and are given trumpets. Then appears another angel with a golden censer who was given much incense to offer with prayers, took fire from the altar, and threw it on the earth. The first trumpet sounds and brings a plague on vegetation. The second trumpet sounds and brings a plague on the sea. The third trumpet sounds and brings a plague on fresh waters. The fourth trumpet sounds and brings a plague on the heavens, and darkness on the earth. Finally, an eagle flew overhead warning of the three trumpets yet to blow.


  • “The wrath of God” is the Creator of the universe finally saying, “I have had enough of you who choose to defile My name, deny My authority, and reject my loving gift of eternal joy with me in my kingdom. Now I will leave you to suffering as no one has ever experienced forever.
  • Remember, these statements are not threats for believers, but rather incite of what is to come so that we are ready and prepared. We must remember these are events from God completing his work.
  • Know Him, trust in Him, understand His commandments, and know what He sacrificed for us.

One Couldn’t Help But Ask…

  1. What struck you as the main point made by Jesus in this portion of His revelation, His wrath, or His love for mankind?
  2. Are these actions taken by God justified and righteous or unfair? Should they receive another chance?
  3. Why wouldn’t Jesus save everyone, make them pure with a miracle, and take them all to heaven?