The Power of His Blood

30 April 2023
Book: Hebrews

Speaker: Ben DeSantis

Bible Passage: Hebrews 9:15-28


Come to the hill of Calvary. Watch as the soldiers shove the Carpenter to the ground and stretch His arms against the cross beams, as one of them lifts his hammer to strike the spikes into each hand.

Couldn’t Jesus have stopped him? In a blink. But Jesus chose not to resist. He knew He came for one reason. One reason alone. He knew the price of sins was death. So He offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice to take away our sins. We can now stand spotless before God, covered by Jesus’ pure power-filled blood.

What’s up with all this talking about blood? 

Throughout ancient history, gory bloody human sacrifices were demanded by the gods for all sorts of odd and fascinating and unfathomable reasons.

Compare this to our God who never demanded our own human blood. He provided the once-and-for-all sacrifice — His own Son Jesus. We now have hope, forgiveness, and a right relationship with God. All because our God gave us the greatest gift ever so we can enter into His presence. Forever.