The Point of Prophecy

22 October 2023
Book: Daniel

Speaker: Ben DeSantis

Bible Passage: Daniel 9


Who knew a toy invented in 1974 by a Hungarian professor Emo Rubik could be a lot like reality — move one piece and it affects everything else. 

Take Daniel, for example.

While Daniel was in exile, he looked at the ancient scrolls and investigated the prophecies of Jeremiah. He realized Israel’s seventy-year captivity was almost over and this led him to pray — praying for mercy, confessing their sin, asking for forgiveness. In response, the angel Gabriel brings an answer. You can read all the details for yourself In Daniel 9.

Observe how God is working “all the colors” He needs to portray this story so we can see who He is and what’s He’s done — it’s the whole point. 

How do we respond? Recognize His sovereignty. Appreciate His righteousness — and know indeed He will do right for us, not because of anything we have done, but because of who He is. We understand our brokenness so we can understand His righteousness. In brokenness, we come to Him, confess our sins and worship Him.


READ: Daniel 9
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This week let’s dig deeper into prayer.

INTRO: What is your memory of the first time you prayed? Who taught you how to pray? When did prayer become a real conversation with God?


  • Daniel was investigating the prophecies of Jeremiah when he “heard” distinctly from God, and responds by talking back to God. We encourage you to turn your Scripture reading time into a conversation with God.  As you read His Word, speak your thoughts — tell God whatever you may be thinking: thank Him, confess, ask questions, cry out to Him, intercede for others, worship Him — simply spend time talking/listening to Him.


  • Read Daniel’s prayer carefully and write words/phrases that fit under these three categories:
    (A) God’s attributes (words/phrases that reflect His greatness, faithfulness, etc)
    (B) Words of confession (Look! How many times  did Daniel use the word “we”?
    (C) Expressions that show Daniel’s urgent pleas/needs
  • God’s attributes: We can tell Daniel spent time with God. He knew God personally — check out all the words Daniel used to describe God. Have you ever prayed like that? Try it.
  • Confession: Put on Daniel’s shoes. Why do you think he shared the blame for the sins of others when he was innocent of many of their wrongdoings? Why are prayers of confession so important?
  • Urgent pleas/needs: Why is it essential for us to speak from our heart sincerely and honesty when we pray? Is there something in your life right now that seems hopeless/desperate?

GOD’S RESPONSE (9:20-23)

  • Check out these outstanding words, “While I was still in prayer” (9:20-21). What takes place as Daniel was still praying? How does Isaiah 65:24 echo Daniel’s words?
  • “Daniel, I have come to give you wisdom and to help you understand” (9:22). You matter to God. You are heard. God knows your name! God knows you. He knows exactly what you need. In fact, He has given us more than an angel, He has given us the Holy Spirit to give us insight and understanding.
  • To take this thought a step further, see what God thinks about Daniel  — and about you — read Daniel 9:23. He’s speaking those words to you right now. Receive them and respond to Him.

What did you learn this week? How will this impact your walk with the Lord?