The Mystery of God's Mercy

5 September 2021

Summary of Revelation 12

Revelation chapter 12 begins with John as he is watching a woman give birth in Heaven. Also in Heaven was a red dragon with seven heads and a crown on each head. The woman delivered a son before running away to a place prepared for her by God where she would be taken care of. After the woman gave birth, John witnessed a battle in Heaven. It was between Michael and his angels fighting the dragon and its angels. The latter lost and was thrown out of Heaven. With the defeat of the red dragon in the Kingdom of Heaven, the red dragon appeared again, but this time on the earth. He sought out the childbearing woman and found her. She miraculously grew wings and was able to escape by flying away. The red dragon grew angry and proceeded to flood the earth, but to no avail. The earth protected her and swallowed the water before it was able to do any real damage. This infuriated the dragon even more and caused it to seek revenge against the followers of Jesus who are the woman’s other children.


  • Mercy – Sees us as we ought to be, not as we actually are, Limits the battle to restrict suffering on those who are loved & Finds a way when none readily appears. We can sense this because of the conditioned explained in Genesis 1:26-27.
  • The gracious victor grants mercy and determines the terms under which it is given. The willing recipient accepts both without reservation.
  • The battle revealed in Revelations 12 will be unprecedented in all of History whether material or spiritual. Some of mankind will be physically affected. Three things are required for their survival, the cleansing blood of Jesus, their testimony of their belief in Him and their willingness to lose their life in His name.
  • The revelation seen by John is a testimony to the love of God for His children since their creation until the very last moment of time, His unlimited mercy for all His children.

One Couldn’t Help But Ask…

  1. Mark suggested that in order to make sense of Revelations including chapter 12, we need to have a grasp on the mercy of God and what it means to our lives. Can you give an explanation of your understanding of that mercy in your life?
  2. It was also mentioned that mercy sees you not as you are, but as you ought to be in Christ. How does this change in perspective alter the outcome of our lives?
  3. What three things allowed the “brethren” to overcome Satan?