The End of the Matter

8 October 2023
Book: Daniel

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Bible Passage: Daniel 7


Gotta set the scene. Four huge beasts rise ominously out of a stormy sea, whipped about with winds and waves. One beast was lurching from side to side, holding three ribs in its jaws and was told, “Attack! Devour! Fill your belly!” Another was hideous, with iron teeth, that crunched and swallowed its victims. There was more! Disturbing, dark, horrific images. Throw in some fire bombs and a laser light show and a bucket of popcorn, and you’d think you’re at a monster thriller. 

But this is no movie. It’s a vision Daniel had, a vision so alarming that Daniel was terrified and seeks help to interpret it. You can read the vision and its interpretation for yourself in Daniel 7. By the way, all the prophecies have come to pass, while we wait for just one more to take place. Any moment now.

The purpose of all this? Contrary to appearances, and in spite of these very real and visible realities, always remember these three things: God knows the future, God rules over human history, and look to Jesus — His Kingdom alone will last forever. That is the “End of the Matter.”

It’s true: history is going to get worse before it gets better. Look around. It’s not hard to see constant chaos, battles, destruction and despair. But then look at God. He’s seated on His throne, never taken by surprise. Ultimate power is not centered in Washington DC or Beijing or Moscow. Ultimate authority is in God’s hand who gives peace to the believer and rules in favor of His people.

So when times look dark and bleak and desperate, remember to see things from God’s perspective and put our hope and security in Him — because we know the End of the Matter.



READ: Daniel 7
WATCH Sunday’s service

INTRO: What excites you about the future?

GOD KNOWS THE FUTURE (7:1-8, 15-18)

  • Why is Daniel affected by this vision? What is your reaction to the vision?
  • How does Daniel’s words portray that God knows the future?


  • How does seeing a glimpse of heaven encourage you to know that God is indeed in control?
  • How does knowing that God will always accomplish His plan change how you view life on earth right this moment?


  • When in dark times, how does it help to look to Jesus? to see things from God’s perspective? to put our hope and security in Him? to know and rest in the fact that the Kingdom of God will endure forever?


  • What key word(s) are repeated often in this chapter? Why are these words significant?
  • What did you learn this week? How will this impact your walk with the Lord?