The Certainty of God's Sovereignty

31 January 2021
Book: Genesis

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Summary of Genesis 45

Since they did not recognize him, Joseph told his brothers who he was. They could not believe it. He told them that God sent him to preserve life in Egypt and that they should not feel bad about the way things turned out in life. He explained the famine was taking place and asked them to live with him. They were to bring his father as well. They returned home and told their father everything. He could not believe it, nevertheless, he packed his bags to go see his son.


  • God does all of this with and through people with free will. But, God has all of the information of every life. Therefore, things are not left to chance. God has wise plans. Everything is His and He is in control of everything.
  • Everything that is happening in the world is because God intends on saving his people. We can have certainty of God’s sovereignty.
  • Our God is a God of blessing who blesses. We can do nothing to earn these blessings.
  • Have patience. Believe and trust in God. Blessings will follow in God’s time

One Couldn’t Help But Ask…

  1. What are the lessons we have learned in the story of Joseph?
  2. What opportunities in your life have given you a chance to live out some of these lessons?Have you ever been involved in what appeared to be a worldly situation that then seemed to be a divine situation where God was involved all along?
  3. How does God reveal to us that we are in and a part of His master plan?
  4. How does this statement make you feel? “Free will and predestination meet with God in a beautiful and arranged way.”