The Better Covenant

23 April 2023
Book: Hebrews

Speaker: Brandon Lohr

Bible Passage: Hebrews 9:1-15


Andy Bernard once said in The Office, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” Have you noticed? The “Good Old Days” somehow always seem better. Maybe we’re simply wearing our rose-colored glasses of nostalgia and embracing what used to be.

The author of Hebrews refers back to the “Old Covenant Days” — times when his Jewish readers didn’t know anything about Jesus, times when life seemed simpler, when they didn’t face opposition for their Christian faith. They just blended in to the religion and culture brought on by the Old Covenant.

But the Old Covenant had major limitations. People filled their days striving to follow all the endless rules and hoping they did enough while the truth is: it was an external cleansing. They were never set free from guilt and couldn’t stop sinning. But the Old Covenant, as weak and imperfect as it was, served a purpose: It pointed to Jesus and the need for the New Covenant. It shows we cannot save ourselves.

Indeed, the New Covenant cleanses us internally where sin really exists. Jesus’ death on the cross was the ultimate sacrifice, superior to all the animal sacrifices offered in the tabernacle. Jesus offered His life once and for all. His shed blood was sufficient to cover everyone’s sin. Even yours.

Because He cleanses our hearts and conscience, He makes us new. He redeems us. We can enter His presence anytime, all the time. We are now free to live for Him.