The Beginning of the End

25 July 2021

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Summary of Revelation 6

We read about the first four seals of the scroll bringing four horseman. The white horse brings a man of conquest elected by mankind and cloaked as “good”. The red horse brings war and conflict and removes peace from mankind. The black horse brings scarcity and inequity imparting hunger and famine. The pale horse brings death representing a massive death toll unimagined and not yet experienced throughout history. The fifth seal brings forth the cry of the martyrs who lost their lives in the name of Jesus Christ. We will soon find out that opening the sixth seal brings cosmic disruption.


  • The great lie, “You can be like God” is the heart of sin. Sin is living apart from God, the bible is telling us the history of mankind apart from God and Revelation is the culmination of this story.
  • In the end God will justify all the wrongs and will recreate the world as perfect.
  • For those who have followed Christ, they will be rewarded with everlasting joy and God’s kingdom.
  • Those who have denied Christ will be dealt with justly.

One Couldn’t Help But Ask…

  1. The first seal tells us about a rider…
    • …on a white horse. What is the significance of a white horse?
    • …who is equipped with a bow. What is the significance of this bow?
    • …who is wearing a crown. What kind of person wears a crown?
    • …who is coming to conquer. What is this leader coming to conquer?
  2. Do these symbols seem to be in harmony or conflict with a desirable leader of the world?
  3. The second seal tells us about a rider…
    • …on a red horse. What is the significance of a red horse?
    • …who is going to remove peace from the earth. Why is he removing peace from the earth?
    • …who wants people slay one another. What is the purpose of this and who would want this?
    • …who has a great sword. What is the significance of this great sword?
  4. Who could be this “rider”?
  5. What can we conclude about the riders of the black and pale horses?