Stand with Jesus

26 September 2021

Speaker: Brandon Lohr

Summary of Revelation 15

Revelation 15 is a chapter of preparation taking place for God’s wrath. It also shows the ultimate Exodus and the freedom of God’s people from a sinful and persecuting world. It begins by explaining that there are seven angels with seven plagues and that there is a multitude on a sea of glass singing their song of praise. Next, seven angels are given seven bowls of judgment. The bowls are given and the cloud of God’s glory fills the temple.


  • Those who remain in Christ have absolutely nothing to fear including His judgment.
  • The demeanor of someone who has achieved victory is drastically different from someone who has been defeated.
  • No power of hell and no scheme of man can ever pluck us from God’s hand or take us from the hand of Christ.
  • We, with the same urgency and strong conviction, are called to stand for Christ and his Word of Truth.
  • Stand with Christ now and we will stand with Him forever in victory.
  • The mark you will wear, be it God’s or the Beast’s, will be determined by your personal free choice of which one you follow. One leads to an eternal horrific death, separation from God, the other to a joy-filled eternal life with God.

One Couldn’t Help But Ask…

  1. How did this service and chapter move you in a way that you have not thought of before? In other words, what did you hear or learn that was new to you?
  2. Why is John restating what has already been revealed in prior chapters? In other words, why is there a repeat of God’s judgment and God’s wrath and why is it important?
  3. The exodus of the Tribulation martyrs is often compared to the exodus of God’s people from Egypt. The latter being more significant then the former. What makes the martyr’s escape most significant?
  4. Brandon mentioned in the service that we are called to stand for Christ and his Word of Truth with urgency and strong conviction. How has this manifested itself within your life as a Christian? How is this affecting your daily walk?