So What?

9 April 2023

Speaker: Mickey Lohr


We’ve got a resurrection to talk about. That’s what Easter is all about. The pivotal point of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus. It’s the *most* significant event in history.

History clearly records: Jesus lived. Jesus died. Jesus was buried. There was an empty tomb. So what? What difference does it make? What difference does it make to you and me today? 

How dare we say it is the most significant event in your life?

Let’s say it this way: If Jesus is not alive, then our preaching and faith is useless. The Bible would then be nothing but lies, fables, myths, folklore and folly. If Jesus didn’t rise, then there is nothing to talk about. We would have no hope. No forgiveness, No meaning.

But people, the truth still stands: Jesus is alive. He is *still* alive. He rose from death. Jesus is who He said He was and He did do what He said He would do. We do have hope! We are forgiven. Our lives have meaning, a purpose. It changes the way we live in this life, forever! He defeated death. He didn’t come to rob His own grave. He came to rob your grave! Death was arrested and our life begins! We will live with Him forever. Jesus rose that we might rise!

Jesus is here to change your life, to rob your grave. He wants to give you life — and eternal life — today! Say “Yes” to Jesus!