Seeing Him even in the pit

10 January 2021
Book: Genesis

Speaker: Brandon Lohr

Summary of Genesis 40

While Joseph is in prison, two of Pharaoh’s servants, a baker and a cup bearer (taster), are also imprisoned for offending their master. While in prison, they both have strange dreams they don’t understand and Joseph offers to interpret them if they will speak to Pharaoh favorably about him and possibly help him get released.  The interpretations are known to God who gives Joseph the ability to make the interpretations. Joseph predictions regarding the two servants comes about exactly as he said they would. The cup bearer is spared and returned to his position but the baker is put to death. Unfortunately, the cup bearer, now restored, forgot to mention Joseph’s unusual ability to Pharaoh and Joseph remained in prison.


  • When hard times come God is the same; in control. God has set up His perfect timing, knows our life from beginning to end and uses it for His purpose. He interprets our life.
  • Jesus/Joseph was an “others-centered” person who genuinely cared about people. While focused on God’s will they did not miss opportunities to help others, regardless of their own problems.
  • Point to the One who has the answers and let Him prove Himself. Pray and let Him lead the way. God wants us to serve him faithfully, no matter how good or bad our circumstances seem. We can serve people even in the most trying of times.


One Couldn’t Help But Ask…

  • Why/How did Joseph take care of the cupbearer and baker? How can we use this example in our own lives?
  • Without preaching to people and saying, “Read your bible”, what are some ways to highlight and point out God to mankind and the world?
  • How can we serve people or God if we are in the midst of trials and difficulties? In other words, how do we keep our own “stuff” from influencing our service to people and our worship to God?