Remaining Faithful In Spite of the Consequences

27 August 2023
Book: Daniel

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Bible Passage: Daniel 1


Their whole world changed overnight. Daniel and his three friends are ripped away from their homes, family and friends and taken as captives to Babylon where the king has a plan. He wants to turn the best and brightest young Hebrew guys into good little Babylonians, so they will live and think and influence others just like them. In short, the king wants to brainwash them.

To some, it may seem an honor to be called to the king’s palace — but these four guys take a stand. They resolve to never compromise but to live a life of integrity that honors God — and they do it with humility, respect and grace. 

The king could change their address, their language and their names but he couldn’t change their hearts. Why not? They know who they are. Whose they are. And who He is. They choose to obey, serve and trust God fully. That was the key to their faithfulness, no matter the circumstances.

God is faithful to these men who stand firm in their faith. Throughout their ordeal, God is present, giving them favor and wisdom and knowledge. It’s no mystery then how they graduated from the king’s school with the highest honors and are elevated in the king’s palace. 

God-followers can thrive wherever God plants them. He’s given us a mission. Look around. We are living in Babylon today. Resolve now to never compromise but to always obey, serve and trust God. No matter the circumstance.



READ: Daniel 1



  • What is your favorite vegetable? Have you ever eaten a vegetable-only diet? How long did that last? What was it like?
  • What do you think Daniel and his friends felt like during this experience? What do they see and learn about God? Are there ways you identify with Daniel or an experience of exile or oppression?
  • When the world around us caves in, how do you respond? Do you compromise to make life easier and more comfortable? Is your faith dependent on your circumstances?
  • How will you take a determined/resolved stand for God this week?
  • What can we learn from this? How is God speaking to you through this scripture? How will this impact your walk this week?