30 July 2023

Speaker: John Tutor

Bible Passage: Multiple Scriptures


You might know someone who knows how to pray. They spend countless hours in their prayer closet and emerge triumphant, confident God is at work. And they have a list of answered prayers to prove it. 

You also might know ones whose minds wander, their thoughts zig and zag, distractions swarm. Their words feel hollow, memorized and rigid, maybe even insincere. And they wonder if prayer makes a difference. Why pray? Why is prayer important?

The Bible is filled with prayers — and their results. The supreme example is Jesus Himself. Jesus was a Man of prayer. Everywhere He turned, He prayed authentic, heartfelt prayers, as natural as a child speaking to His Father.

Our voice matters to our Father. He wants us to pray to Him. He eagerly awaits our arrival to spend time with Him. He desires our authentic words from our heart, to come to Him as a child who leaps into his/her daddy’s lap. No need to fear that we will be ignored. Even if we stammer or stumble, even if our words are awkward, even if what we have to say impresses no one, it impresses Him. And He listens. He hears us. Always.

Since the power of prayer is in the One who hears and not the one who says, our prayers make a difference. So let’s be a prayer-filled church, filled with praying individuals. Let’s pray constantly, more intently, more fervently, with boldness and confidence that He answers.