Patient in the pit

17 January 2021
Book: Genesis

Speaker: Tom Beaman

Summary of Genesis 41 & 42

Genesis 41 – Pharaoh has a couple of disturbing dreams and has a troubled spirit two years after the release of the Cup Bearer and execution of the baker. Joseph is called to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams after he is remembered by the Cup Bearer. Pharaoh tells Joseph of his dreams and Joseph interprets them. Next, Joseph gives his advice to Pharaoh concerning the dreams. Pharaoh realizes the presence of God’s spirit in Joseph and promotes him to second in the kingdom of Egypt. Pharaoh dresses up Joseph as a sign of his high status (signet ring, fine garments, gold chain, second chariot, a new name and a wife)
and he lives a life as second in charge. Joseph has two sons and names them according to the state of his heart (Manassehforgetfulness and Ephraim-fruitfulness). Finally the seven years of famine begin.

Genesis 42 –  The famine has struck the land and Jacob send his sons to Egypt to buy grain. Not knowing the leader of Egypt was Joseph, they bowed do before him and Joseph recognizes them. He decided to imprison them, interrogate them, and deliver terms of their release from prison (which included leaving one of
the brothers in prison while the others carried back grain to their family and returning with the youngest brother). They were sent back with their necessary provisions and food for the family to find that they had their money as well which made them afraid. They told their father of the events and he thought these events were against him and he was bereaved. Reuben offers his two sons to try and save the day, but Jacob refuses to let Benjamin go back to Egypt with them.


  • Live with patience. God has a plan and a purpose for each of our individual lives. Whether or not life is wonderful is up to him. We are servants and not in charge. Trust his power and his game plan.
  • Live in obedience. God can use us in any and every situation. Our job is to live in the circumstances that God ordains and to administer to one another in Love.
  • We need to be ready and primed for the opportunities God has for us, and we do that by getting to know God better, just like Joseph.
  • Our calling as Christians is to put God first, to make him known in the world. Unity in Spirit is what
    God desires.

One Couldn’t Help But Ask…

  1. What does it look like to live a life where God comes first in everything that you do?
  2. How do you get yourself into a position to be able to live a life where you think about God first and then live out your life?
  3. As we see the time we spend with God increasing, what are ways that we see our lives changing? In other words, what are some good ways to spend time with God so that your time with him is increasing and influencing more of your life?
  4. Have you ever been in Pharaoh’s, the cup bearer’s, the baker’s or Joseph’s shoes? Did God have a role in how you handled the situation?