Our God Reigns

1 October 2023
Book: Daniel

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Bible Passage: Daniel 6


What is the most loved Bible story as voted by kids under the age of ten? 

We think “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” has to be in the top three, if not number one. Look at it. It’s an epic story! There’s an old man, ferocious lions, corrupt officials, an evil plot, an angel — and the bad guys get what’s coming to them in the end.

We discovered a guy who did research, looking for that ultimate beloved Bible story, one that was backed up by a legit survey and facts. Well, kinda sorta. You see, this guy may have searched  but was unsuccessful — so he took his own survey. He asked his niece and nephew, “What story in the Old Testament, like possibly Daniel in the Lion’s Den, is your favorite?” Their answers? She liked “Jonah and the Whale” and he chose  “David’s Conflict with Absalom”. See? This proves it. “Daniel and the Lions” is in the top three.

It really is a great story. You may have heard it as a child but take a few minutes and read it again — Daniel 6.

Old Daniel most likely didn’t get the life he wanted, but he faithfully lived the life God wanted him to live. He put on display stability in an unstable world. Most importantly, it didn’t matter what he faced. Daniel knew, “My God is faithful and in control.” As it should be, as the story unfolds, it all points to Jesus.

We can certainly learn from Daniel how to remain faithful in a hostile culture — how to deal with persecution, and how to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. But if we see it as only a kids’ story, we miss everything. It is a true story that took place in history, clearly showing our God reigns.



READ: Daniel 6
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INTRO: What is your most treasured accomplishment?


  • What do we know about Daniel’s character? How did Daniel distinguish himself
  • How can you faithfully live the life God has given you no matter the obstacles and challenges in your life?
  • What difference does it make to be filled with the Holy Spirit?


  • Does it feel like sometimes your relationship with Jesus is being challenged, attacked or used against you by others? Describe such a time.
  • How did Daniel respond when others despised him? How should we respond in those moments? 


  • As a young man, Daniel resolved he would never compromise. How does that choice make a difference in his later years?
  • How did Daniel’s habit of consistently turning to God help him through such desperate times?


  • There was peace in a den of lions, yet despair in the palace of the king. Why is the king so distressed?
  • What impact did Daniel have on the king’s life?
  • Have you ever encountered God’s amazing peace when surrounded by despair and destruction? What impact are you having on the people in your life because you know/follow Jesus?


  • Real faith isn’t trusting God for a certain outcome; it’s trusting God regardless of the outcome. How can we develop a faith that never wavers or fades?
  • When have you experienced God in the midst of a “lion’s den”?
  • How has God alone been your lifeline?


  • How was God glorified at the end of this story? How is God being glorified in your life right now?
  • How does Daniel’s life point to Jesus?


  • What did you learn this week? How will this impact your walk with the Lord?