One Thing You Can Count On

31 December 2023

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Bible Passage: 1 Chronicles 29:11


The headlines over the past year have been crazy: wars, inflation, diseases, natural disasters. No doubt, we’ve all had our share of unexpected challenges and difficulties in our personal lives, kinda like driving through Burns, Oregon. (You gotta listen to the sermon for that one.) Our world is becoming more and more topsy turvy. Any moment now, Chicken Little will run around crying out, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” What in the world is going on?

Take a breath. Our good God leaves nothing in our life to chance. Hold on, read that sentence again.

What a relief! There’s nothing like having confidence in God’s loving sovereign control over every aspect of our existence. It’s boggling to consider that He is intimately involved in our daily life. He knows what we need for today, tomorrow, forever. Atop that, He will work every circumstance — good, bad and everything in between — for our benefit, without exception.

So why do we try to take over and run our own lives? When we do, we’re just a bunch of knuckleheads. So stop it! Let go of control and let God do what He does best. As His kids, we are safe and secure in His arms. Trust Him to carry you through anything that 2024 might bring along the way. He is the only One we can count on!