King of Kings

17 September 2023
Book: Daniel

Speaker: Tom Beaman

Bible Passage: Daniel 4


King Nebuchadnezzar was the most brutal, powerful ruler of the world. It appeared he had everything: a palace, power, pleasure, peace, prosperity. But all of this was about to end. The prophet Daniel warns him, “You will be driven from human society and live with the wild animals, eating grass like a cow — until you learn that the Most High rules over the kingdoms of the world.”

But Nebuchadnezzar continues to worship himself. Twelve months later, even as he is boasting about himself and his greatness, it all comes to pass, he becomes an ancient version of Howard Hughes: corkscrew fingernails, wild hair, a beast crawling around in the fields. One moment he is Time’s Man of the Year, the next he is banished from Babylon. 

Every story has a purpose, a lesson we can learn.

  • God rules over all humanity with unlimited authority. Remember who He is when we encounter Him throughout the day. Remember, “Holy, holy, holy, God Almighty.”
  • God redeems any who are humble with unlimited generosity. This story was told by a scoundrel, but God was patient, worked with him, waited and waited until he was changed. God waits for you. And for me.
  • We can trust Daniel, a genuine prophet of God. He speaks God’s word, even when it threatens his own life. Daniel’s words are dependable, coming directly from God.

Only when Nebuchadnezzar looks to heaven, his sanity returns, and he praises and worships the King of kings. What a testimony from the once worst man on the planet. What is your story? What has God done for you? Recognize He is indeed the Most High God, our King of kings.



READ: Daniel 4
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INTRO: Have you ever had a dream that came true?

THE KING ACKNOWLEDGES GOD AND SHARES HIS DREAM (4:1-18) Notice all the times a reference is made in this chapter about the “Most High God” — why is this significant?

DANIEL EXPLAINS THE DREAM (4:19-27) How does Daniel break the bad news tactfully, in a way that the king would listen? What hope does he hold out for the king?

THE DREAM COMES TRUE (4:28-33) What was the root of Nebuchadnezzar’s problem?

RESTORATION (4:34-37) God waited for the king to recognize Him as the Most High One before there was restoration. How has God waited for you?

Here are a few lessons we can learn from this story:

GOD RULES OVER ALL HUMANITY WITH UNLIMITED AUTHORITY How do you remember who God is — Holy Holy Lord Almighty — throughout the day? How will this affect your relationship with our Most High God?

GOD REDEEMS ANY WHO ARE HUMBLE WITH UNLIMITED GENEROSITY What is your redemption/restoration story? How does Nebuchadnezzar’s “crazy” testimony inspire you to share your faith with others and honor our Most High God?

WE CAN TRUST DANIEL AS A GENUINE PROPHET OF GOD What difference does it make that Daniel is a dependable voice of God? How will this help when we read some of his future mysterious writings?

What other lessons did you learn from this chapter? How will this impact your walk this week?