Jesus Rules

31 October 2021

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Summary of Revelation 20

In Revelation 20 we see that Satan, sin, and death are finally eliminated. A nameless angel comes to bind Satan with a great chain and he is imprisoned for one thousand years while the saints live and reign for one thousand years. There is a first resurrection and a final battle after the thousand-year reign of Jesus. Satan is released and gathers an army, but the battle ends before it begins. There is judgment of condemnation at an awesome Great White Throne. Death and Hades are cast into the lake of fire.


  • Satan is not God’s opposite or equal. Even Satan indirectly serves the purposes of God.
  • Because of sin, death, and evil in the world, all beings are waiting in anticipation for the day that all will be made right by Him who comes. Not everything God tells us, in Revelation, is easily understood, but when God says, This must happen” then it must happen and He has a purpose for it and we need to accept it whether we understand it or not.
  • The greatest miracle that God performs is the transformation of mankind’s heart. “Repent!” is the plea of God’s heart so that we will choose life with Him.
  • Revelation 20 describes the final demonstration about God’s judgment and the rightness of His story that has been demonstrated throughout all of history. This period in time is here because God does not want us to spend eternity in hell.
  • Regarding Satan being bound and held, it is said, “One very important detail is to notice that the conquest of Satan and his powers does not come by any human effort.” (Barnhouse)
  • Evil is finished, Jesus has overcome, and righteousness rules.  His judgment is right and true and will stand forever.

One Couldn’t Help But Ask…

  1. Who are the people that are left on the earth to deal with the thousand year period where Jesus rules in perfection? What is the purpose of this thousand year period?
  2. In verses one through three there is an angel who deals with Satan. This angel has the keys to a place of restraint, the chains to bind Satan, and has the power and authority to condemn Satan to this place. Why do you think God sent an angel to deal with Satan and not Jesus?
  3. Why will God release the enemy? Why does God allow Satan to administer evil on the world at all?
  4. In verse three we are told Satan’s main mode of attack is deceit. What is the best defense against this kind of attack?
  5. How do I get my name into the Book of Life?