Jesus is Greater: So What?

7 May 2023
Book: Hebrews

Speaker: Brandon Lohr

Bible Passage: Hebrews 10:1-25


“Once and for all” No doubt, we’ve all said those words — and it wasn’t necessarily true.

  • We need to settle this once and for all.
  • I need to lose this weight once and for all.
  • It’s time to pay off our credit cards once and for all.
  • Let’s put an end to these rumors once and for all.

Take note here: throughout Hebrews we read of things Jesus did for us “once and for all.” Here are just a few of the things: Jesus gave Himself for us as a sacrifice, demolishing sin, making us holy, securing our redemption forever, allowing us to enter into His presence any time, all the time. 

It boggles the mind all the things HE did — and it’s all true. Once and for all, indeed. It all proves Jesus is greater in every way. 

How do we respond to such greatness?

(1) Run to Him — seek to know God more, worship Him with all of our hearts. (2) Be strong in our faith. (3) God designed us for community — so come to church, spend time together, daily motivate each other to love and good works, and build up each other in Christ. We need each other!

We encourage you to respond to Him today.