It's All About Jesus, And His Church

18 April 2021

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Summary of Revelation 1

Jesus introduces himself as the writer of Revelation and the one being revealed. He offers a blessing to the reader and keeper of its word. There is a greeting of grace and peace and a statement of praise to Jesus. Next, there is a description of the return of Jesus and an introduction from Jesus himself. John is on the island of Patmos and is commanded to write. John has a vision of Jesus in the midst of the lampstands and he describes Jesus. John reacts and Jesus reassures him. Jesus, again, commands John to write and offers an explanation of what he saw.


  • These things must take place, so I need to be aware that things are not going to get better in the earthly kingdom. We need a refuge like Jesus.
  • Don’t doubt what you see. Revelation 21:4
  • We will receive new bodies. Jesus rose from the dead with holes in his body. His disciples saw them and that is the reminder that he paid the price for us and we are His. We need to act like it.

Supporting Verses