God Is In Control

3 September 2023
Book: Daniel

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Bible Passage: Daniel 2


Ever have a dream so real that you wake up startled, feeling sweaty with a pounding heart? That’s what happened to King Nebuchadnezzar. He has a crazy weird dream and is shaken to the core. His army of advisors fail — they are unable to tell him the dream and interpretation. You think you wake up grumpy. Check out the king’s response: he now wants to chop them into pieces and wipe out their families  — but promises great riches and rewards to anyone who can help him.

Enter Daniel. No fear. No panic. No shaking-in-his-boots. See the contrast? Ol’ Neb is  shaking in his pajamas, while Daniel is unshakable. How can this be? Daniel prays. God reveals the dream and its interpretation to him. Daniel then praises God; he cites God’s supreme might and wisdom, His control over the destiny of kings. God is indeed in control of whoever is in control.

Daniel could stand before the king because he first knelt before the King of kings. He shares the dream and interpretation with the king. Nebuchadnezzar knows his foundation is flawed, it’s going to fall. The promise is God will establish a kingdom that will never end. 

And it happens! When Jesus shows up during the Roman empire, He says, “I am the King — the Kingdom of God has come among you!” Jesus is our sure and solid foundation that will never crumble.

How do we navigate this world? How do we remain faithful, joyful and hopeful in a pagan land? Remember our King, our Foundation. We are part of a Kingdom that will never end with a King who is in complete control of whoever is in control. 

It is our mission to make our King visible to the world.



READ: Daniel 2
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INTRO Do you dream in color or black and white? What sort of dreams do you tend to remember? What is the most memorable or unusual dream you’ve ever had?

PROBLEM (2:1-13)

  • So the king had a bizarre dream. How did it impact his life? Why was he so outraged?
  • This section shows how useless it is to trust in anything except for God. How are you trusting God in a seemingly impossible situation — right this moment or in the past?

PRAYER (2:14-19) 

  • How does Daniel respond to the king’s demands? How do you respond to life’s impossible demands?
  • Who do you have in your life that goes to God in prayer for you?

PRAISE (2:20-23)

  • What words stand out to you as Daniel praises God?
  • How can you make praising God a part of your daily life?
  • How do you celebrate God in your life?


  • What do you think of the king’s dream and interpretation — and the king’s response?
  • What promise do we find in this passage?
  • How does His promises encourage us all along the way?


  • How does Daniel give glory and honor to God throughout this chapter? How can we be sure to give God the glory in our daily lives?
  • What did you learn from this chapter? How will this impact your walk this week?