Faithful In the Fire

10 September 2023
Book: Daniel

Speaker: Brandon Lohr

Bible Passage: Daniel 3

We apologize there is no video for this sermon due to a glitch in the recording system.



Here’s one of the best stories we heard as littles in Sunday School, this time told (mostly) by the numbers: One defiant king. A 90 foot golden statue. “Hear the music, bow down and worship.” Only three guys stand up for God. “Our one and only true God is able to save us, even if He doesn’t we will not bow.” A fierce flaming fiery furnace, seven times hotter than hot. Three guys thrown in — four guys are in the flames. What? Zero burns. Zero hairs singed. Zero scorch marks. Zero smelly smoke. One amazed king praises God.

There are two groups of people here: the standers and the bow-ers, the faithful and the faithless, the ones who bow to the King of kings at all costs and those who bow to self and this world. Which one are you?

When faced with fiery trials in life, choose to remain faithful. Choose to trust in God. He will give you strength to face the difficulties and pain. He will give you wisdom to respond properly. He will deliver you in His way, according to His will. He will not abandon you. His deliverance will come. He promises to walk in the flames with you. You are never alone.

It’s true, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego remained faithful even when faced with being burned up in a fiery furnace. But the true hero and the truly only faithful One in the flames and in the midst of our trials and hardships is God. God’s plans will always triumph over the plans of men, even when it seems all hope is lost. When we trust Him, even in the most impossible of circumstances, He always proves Himself faithful!



READ: Daniel 3


INTRO: If someone were to make a movie about your journey of faith, what would the title be? What actor would play you?



WORSHIP SELF (3:1-6) Why did the king insist that everyone worship the golden image? What does this show about him? How do the teachings of Jesus defy Babylon’s self-obsessed, egotistical, gluttonous attitudes?

CONFORM (3:7) How do people respond to the king’s command? Why? When is it difficult for you to take a stand for God?

ACCUSE & PERSECUTE THE FAITHFUL (3:8-15) Who tipped off the king about the ones who did not bow? What was their motive? How have you personally been affected by accusations and persecution?



PAY NO ATTENTION WHEN TOLD TO BOW TO IDOLS (3:12, 16) How do the three Hebrew children respond to the king’s demands? Can you think of a way the enemy continues to threaten you personally? How will you respond in the future?

TRUST WHAT GOD CAN DO NOT KNOWING WHAT HE WILL DO (3:17-18) What is the bottom line in the statement they made? [Underline God is able to deliver/save us AND even if He does not.] What are they sure about? unsure about? What do these statements mean to you? How do you remain faithful even when God doesn’t rescue you the way you expect?

HE PROVES HIMSELF FAITHFUL (3:19-27) What is most remarkable to you about how God delivered them? How did God show He was with you in “a fiery time”? How did you rest in His faithfulness during this difficult time?

IT CAN LEAD THE FAITHLESS TO FAITH (3:28-30) What sort of testimony did the three guys have on all the people who witnessed their deliverance — all because they chose to stand for God? How does this affect how you will respond to difficult people in the future?

  • What did you learn from this chapter? How will this impact your walk this week?