Ever Ready or Never Ready

19 September 2021

Summary of Revelation 14

This chapter shows images of God’s victory and the defeat of the beast. It starts by telling about the Lamb and the description of the 144,000, and the fate of them on Mount Zion. Next, we read about proclamations from heaven. An angel preaches the gospel, another angel announces the fall of Babylon, and yet another angel warns of the coming judgement. After this, we read of the blessedness of the saints, the Great Tribulation and the time for Jesus to bring the harvest to the winepress of God.


  • Ever ready or never ready; the choice is truly yours.
  • Each of us have to accept and receive the gift that is being given by giving ourselves to Jesus Christ.
  • In regards to the Glory of God: “Here is the bitter irony of their lot: though they damn themselves eternally by their refusal to face the truth, one day they will be forced to face it. Sooner or later the ‘glory’ they refuse to ‘give’ the Creator willingly will be torn from them by the spectacle of His wrath.” (Kiddle)
  • Know that you belong to God and Jesus Christ and know what He can do for you and with you.
  • Follow Jesus and don’t be surprised when He takes you to places where others are not going.
  • Understand what your purpose is in life and where you get the power to keep going; from Him.
  • Your purpose is to be what God says you are to be and surrender your life to the call, purpose, and work of the Holy Spirit. He wants to unfold what He wants out of your life.
  • No reserves (I’m sold out); no retreats (I’m never going back); no regrets.
  • We have three enemies; the devil, your own flesh, and this world. Be careful not to reject the gospel; don’t get caught up refusing to let go of the world; and don’t choose to worship the image of the beast.
  • Regarding the song of the Saints: “Heaven is not the place to learn that song; it must be learned on the earth. You must learn here the notes of free grace and dying love; and when you have mastered their melody, you will be able to offer to the Lord the tribute of a grateful heart, even in heaven, and blend it with the harmonies eternal.” (Spurgeon)

One Couldn’t Help But Ask…

  1. What are the characteristics of an ever- ready Christian? What are the characteristics of a never- ready Christian? Which Christian are you?
  2. Is the beast of Revelation 13 completely victorious over all God’s people? What happens to the beast and his followers in the latter part of Revelation 14?
  3. How do we identify the difference between the mark of the beast on our hands and foreheads and the mark of the Saints?
  4. Ask yourself, “Do I know that I was bought at a price? Do I understand what I believe? Do I know what my mission is and what I am to do?”
  5. How are you going to apply this week’s sermon message to your life in a way that would reflect Jesus?