Ephesus: Remember to Love

25 April 2021

Speaker: Mickey Lohr

Summary of Revelation 2

Jesus describes himself to the church of Ephesus and explains what he knows about the Christians of that city. He also explains what he has against the church at Ephesus and what he wants them to do. He concludes his letter to them with an exhortation to all who will hear and with a promise of a reward.


  • Jesus is the Author, Answer & Authority for the church.
    • Author – of the letters for all churches at all times – It is His word from Him
    • Answer – for all problems & concerns of the church at any point in time – He is our need and solution
    • Authority – by which all his church will be judged – we are all answerable to Him
  • We are here to serve Him and to love others.
  • To tolerate evil is evil. We don’t tolerate evil.
  • We are called first to be worshippers. Everything else comes out of this.
  • Grace (love) needs to be combined with truth (honesty).

Supporting Verses