Christmas in John

18 December 2022
Book: John

Speaker: Brandon Lohr

Bible Passage: John 1:1-18


When we think of the first Christmas, we most likely think of mangers, shepherds and angels, stars and magi. As a gospel writer, John doesn’t say one word about such things. But John’s Christmas “story” is profoundly significant. He captures the heart, meaning and benefits of the Christmas story in a nutshell.

John knows all about the incarnation. He emphasizes that “from the beginning,” long before He was born into the world as a man, Jesus is God. He stepped into our world so He could be with us, so we could know the unknowable God. 

This is what Christmas celebrates. Jesus Himself is the ultimate gift of Christmas. Don’t hesitate! Open this priceless gift given just for you — it’s free and lasts for eternity. 

Merry Christmas!