Anchored in the Greatest

22 January 2023
Book: Hebrews

Speaker: Brandon Lohr

Bible Passage: Hebrews 1:1-4


Most likely, we’ve all “heard” about people who were rescued after being lost at sea for weeks — all because their boat wasn’t anchored and naturally drifted away. Not what they planned. Certainly not something they would have done on purpose. 

Drifting is subtle and takes place gradually.

So it is with our spiritual lives. “We must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard or we may drift away from it.”*  Countless things in the world will try to distract and pull us away. Don’t do it! Don’t drift!

Instead: Pay close attention to God’s Word. Keep a firm grip on the truth. Hang on His every word, hide it in your heart. Surround yourself with reminders of Him. Fight for time with Jesus. Fill your minds with God thoughts. Gather with believers. Spend time in His presence. Live out your faith.

When we are not anchored to Jesus, we begin to drift away.


“The protection against drifting is to have Christ at once the anchor and rudder of life. The anchor will hold us to the truth, while the rudder will guide us by the truth.” (Griffith Thomas)